Coalition For American Veterans

The Coalition for American Veterans was founded by a group of citizens who felt that our veterans weren’t getting the attention and support they deserve at the federal level. It’s no secret that veterans in the United States have endured a lot over the past two decades and beyond. In addition to going months, even years in some cases, not seeing their families, they also risk their lives and limbs only to come home and find politicians that don’t support them.

There are about 125,000 veterans that are homeless in America. There are more than 3 million disabled veterans. These are things that should be unheard of. Veterans deserve to be well-cared for after their duty.

The Coalition For American Veterans have the following goals:

● Build a grassroots base of support. This is done by unifying Americans who support the cause. This will, in turn, create leverage in the political process to encourage politicians to do a better job supporting veterans.

● Protect all veterans, future, and present from losing any of their rights.

● Bring to light those politicians that are not supportive and force them out.

● Support veterans that wish to run for office.

This country is great due to the selflessness and dedication of our veterans, and we must be thankful and support them.


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How Outsourced Seller Central Customer Service Can Change Your Brand’s Identity

Customer service is one of the crucial parts of any business. If you don’t keep your customers happy, your brand’s goodwill will not take time to go down. Whether it is managing after-sales service or answering frequently asked questions by the audience, your customer service needs to be at their heels all the time. If the customers feel that you care about them, they will recommend your brand to others. That’s the best way to reach your target audience and have them as loyal customers for years.

Understanding Outsourced Seller Central Customer Service


The first signs of your brand losing its ground on Amazon are low ratings. Three is the threshold for every company. Below that, most customers will tend to avoid your brand because they wouldn’t feel safe buying. That is why it is essential to pay attention to customer service way before your store goes live on Amazon. However, many online retailers don’t have a proper setup for customer service. They don’t have an office or anything where they can employ customer care executives. That’s when outsourced seller central customer service comes into play.


This service involves outsourcing your customer service department to a professional team that has experience in this field. They know how to tackle customers, whether on the phone or emails. You have to spend a small amount of money, but the return on investment is fruitful. When customers get a prompt response from company representatives, they understand that you care for them. That’s how they tell people about brands. If they find a company that doesn’t respond to customer questions, they wouldn’t recommend the brand even if they are the best in the business.


Outsourced seller central customer service involves trained professionals who know how to deal with customer issues. Since they already know about Amazon’s policies, you won’t have to explain them in detail. All you have to do is explain what your brand represents and the products or services you offer. This will help them understand the different types of customers or questions they may face. So, they will be up for it.


How it works


Outsourcing your company’s customer service to a professional team is not an easy decision. After all, you will have to rely on them when it comes to your brand’s ratings on Amazon. But, the good news is, they don’t disappoint. They are experienced professionals who will not cross the line even when they get the most irate customer ever. These executives are polite and will listen to the customer’s query before answering.


You start by finding the right group of people who have experience in handling Amazon retailers. This will have two benefits: first, you won’t have to teach them telephone and email etiquettes. Second, you don’t have to explain Amazon’s rules and regulations regarding customer service. This saves a lot of time. Instead, you can focus on telling them about your company’s mission. You can tell them about what customers expect from your brand. This will help them understand the value of your brand among customers.


Explaining your product niche will allow the executives to ask several questions. These are questions that they will probably face from customers also. So, when you answer these questions, you are also helping them solve customer queries promptly.


You can provide them with details of your company rules and regulations and also inform them about the work culture. The executives need to understand how valuable your brand is and what it takes to beat your competitors.


An excellent customer service team can make you a hero or a villain. So, don’t think twice before investing in outsourced seller central customer service because they can increase your company’s goodwill to a great extent.


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How to Know When its Time to Move Houses

It’s hard to explain how to know when its time for you to move to another house. Sure, you loved your old home. However, something will hit you, and you’ll realize that its time for you to find a new home. Here are some telltale signs telling you when its time for you to move.

Your Home Becomes Too Cramped

One of the universal sign that tells you its time for you to find a new house is if you feel that it is crowded in your old home. Here are some things that you can check to know if you do need a larger space:

  • You have to take turns using the bathroom
  • There’s a steady increase of boxes in the corner of the room
  • If your kids start arguing for they do not want to share places

Re-organizing or getting rid of some unwanted things can help, but if you find these resolutions as temporary, then it is time for you to locate to a bigger house. Once you have found a larger space, you can contact a moving company Germantown TN to help you transfer.

You Live in a Declining Neighborhood

Another indicator that it is time for you to relocate is if your area is changing into something noisy, dangerous, or unbearable from what was once a welcoming and beautiful neighborhood. It is crucial to notice these signs for it has something to do with your peace of mind, safety, and also your investment.

Houses located in the diminishing area will take years to build back its image and appeal, making your home decrease its value. Not only that, if you can’t stand your neighbors and its hard living near them, then it is the best time that you find a new home and call a moving company Germantown TN to help you settle.

You Are Not Happy in Your Current Home

If you have interests in relocating, then it only means that you are not happy where you are living at the moment. If a new house seems appealing to you and you deem that your quality of life is decreasing, then it is the right time for you to pursue moving. You don’t need to endure dwelling in a place where you are not content. Transferring to a new environment and a house that you’ll be glad to go home to is a wise decision to make.

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4 Historic Places in the United States

The United States has been through a lot of historical events, and as such, is chock-full to the brim with cultural places to visit. And although their history is rather short as compared to the likes of China and England, there are plenty of places in America where history buffs can get their fill. So make sure to prepare your ESTA visa and visit these historic American landmarks.


Independence Hall


The Independence Hall in Philadelphia is where America declared independence from Britain in 1776. It is one of the most important historical symbols in the United States. The hall is a part of the whole Independence National Historical Park housing other landmarks such as the Liberty Bell Center and the Congress Hall. Tourists can choose from a myriad of indoor and outdoor activities, including a ranger-guided walking tour.


Gettysburg Battlefield


The Battle of Gettysburg lasted three days, and took over 51,000 casualties, and marked a turning point in history as the start of the surrender of the Confederacy. The Gettysburg National Military Park has over a thousand markers and memorials for the historic event.


Tourists in the park can follow the route of the battle, experience their guided tours and exhibitions, as well as other crucial civil war information.


Martin Luther King Jr. National Site


This site it Atlanta, Georgia commemorates the life of the famous African-American civil rights and racial equality advocate. Visitors to this site can visit his crypt, witness exhibitions and films about his life, and view his birthplace. There are also set-ups relating to Gandhi, who was Dr. King’s inspiration.


Statue Of Liberty


Standing tall at almost 100 meters, this iconic steel and copper statue stands guard at the entrance to the New York Harbor. Built-in France in 1884, France gifted the statue to the United States in celebrating the two countries’ alliance during the American Revolution.


There are numerous things to do both inside and outside Lady Liberty. There are tours, films, and other events aimed at promoting the heritage and culture of the statue.


An ESTA visa is required to enter the United States, but upon securing one, then you are free to visit these historical places. Take in the sights they offer and the culture they impart as they bridge together past and present.

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How to Protect Your Home From Water Damage

Water damage is indeed one of the most terrible things that can destroy your home. Its causes include severe storms, burst pipes, wall cracks, roof damage, drainage problems, and HVAC system problems. In fact, it can bring about losses of about billions of dollars each year among homeowners across the country. However, water damage restoration is not that difficult. You can employ a lot of simple tactics to protect your home from water damage.

Inspect Your Roof

Your roof shields all the sunlight and rain for many years. If it deteriorates, you won’t notice the roof leaks until water drips from the ceiling. Thus, inspect your roof on a regular basis. Perform the inspection more often when there are big storms. If you notice missing shingles or large debris, these are warning signs. Do the repairs yourself. However, if you’re not an expert and if you want guarantees, contact for a guaranteed fix.

Clean Your Gutters

It is essential to ensure good drainage if you want to protect your home from water damage. Your foundation weakens and cracks because of continued exposure to water. This is due to poor drainage. Do a clean-up of your gutters at least two or three times a year. Remove the leaves, branches, and other kinds of dirt that clog the downspouts. You can also install gutter guards.

Caulk and Seal Windows

If you calk and seal your windows on a regular basis, you’re protecting your home from the damaging effects of water. You can also calk bathtubs, faucets, and drains. Also, you should caulk ceiling fixtures and other plumbing fixtures. The purpose is to prevent water from seeping into dry areas of the home. As long as you have the right caulk, then you can make long-lasting seals.

Check Your Pipes

Inspect the pipes in your basement, bathroom, and everywhere else in the house. Do this at least once or twice a year. Corrosion and rust can gradually damage pipes. If that happens, leaks are inevitable. If flood water pushes into these leaks, then you might find your home flooding in raw sewage. If you don’t understand the maintenance required for pipes, go ask an expert.

Test Your Sump Pump

Your first line of defense against a sudden rise in floodwater in your basement is a sump pump. The sump pump will pump water away from a home to a dry well or an external drain. Clean out any debris on the lid of the sump pump. Don’t forget to test drive your equipment, and make sure you know how it works.

Some Final Words

Water damage restoration won’t take up most of your time. However, if it does, there’s no problem because you’re doing yourself and your family a big favor. Thus, before the next big rain comes, contact the experts at and they’re going to do it for you the way professionals do it.


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Things To Look For In A Moving Company Sarasota FL

Are you moving soon and still looking for a moving company Sarasota FL service? There are several moving companies ready to move you near or far but before you call to book their service, remember that the following things count.

Look For Licensed And Bonded Companies

There is a sense of security when you rely on a licensed and bonded mover. A bonded company means that they have a 100% guarantee on their work. The company has a financial warranty on their service, and this guarantee is detailed in a service contract that they will provide before they even start moving your stuff.

Meanwhile, a licensed mover means that the moving company follows local and national regulations regarding their operation. The company operates under strict rules; therefore, you can expect flawless service from the time they pick up your stuff to the time they unload it in your new home.

Trust Only Movers With 100% Guarantee

Most movers will promise the moon and the stars to get customers to sign up, but do they fulfill their promises? This is why you must look for movers that cover their services with a 100% guarantee. An example of this guarantee is a 100% on-time guarantee which is something that homeowners look for.

And don’t just take the company’s word for it; check reviews, look for recommendations stating that the company IS on time. You’ll surely find genuine reviews online and from social media.

Movers With A Free Quote

Whether you’re moving downtown or across the country, you’re undoubtedly interested in the cost of your move. A mover that offers a free quote with no strings attached is something to watch out for. Moving companies understand that most consumers shop for affordable, reliable movers. A free quote certainly helps compare and choose the best and the most affordable service.

Remember Good Reviews Matter

A perfect rating seems impossible, so look for moving companies with good reviews. Look for moving company reviews online, social media ratings, and don’t neglect the BBB rating. A Better Business Bureau A+ rating (97 to 100) is the highest, which means that the mover offers reliable, as- advertised service.

Moving is a big deal, so don’t just rely on any moving company. Always trust a moving company Sarasota FL service.

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What Are The Three Services That Raleigh Locksmiths Offer?

If you need a lock changed or a door unlocked, you are likely to call a locksmith for help. There are three types of Raleigh locksmith services that customers usually request. Find out if one of these services is the one you need.

Residential Locksmith Service

Residential locksmith service is all about locksmith jobs for home security. Home service includes lockout service, home locks installation, repair and rekeying, key duplication, and home key creation. This service ensures that homeowners can keep their homes safe and secure with updated locks and security systems.

Raleigh locksmiths are available 24/7 to offer professional help for homeowners, renters and property owners. Customers can call anytime, get a free quote, and book a residential locksmith by phone or online. A reliable and experienced locksmith will get the problem solved fast and will never leave until his work is done.

Commercial Locksmith Service

Commercial locksmith service is all about locksmithing jobs for businesses, commercial establishments, and offices. Commercial locksmiths also cover establishments like hospitals, schools, banks, community centers, and stores, to name a few.

The most common commercial locksmith services include locks change, lock repair, and lock rekey. Master re-key, panic bar locks, push bar locks, and paddle locks are also provided. Lock installation for file cabinets, security control systems, and core locks are also available.


Commercial locksmith service is available 24/7, and this begins with a call. A no-obligation estimate will be given to customers, and once he agrees, an appointment is booked. A technician will arrive at the establishment and will provide expert service without affecting business flow.

Auto Locksmith Service 

Locksmiths from Raleigh also offer auto locksmith services. Auto locksmiths offer a wide variety of services that include the creation of new car keys, replacement keys, non-transporter keys, smart keys, and duplicate keys. Auto locksmith service covers programming transporter keys, ignition repair, ignition change, extracting broken keys, and more.

Auto locksmiths are also available 24/7 to help car owners and other vehicle owners anytime, anywhere. Auto services start with a call and a quote. Once the customer agrees with the quote, an appointment is booked right away. A highly-skilled auto locksmith technician will get the job done as soon as possible.

All locksmith works are of the highest quality, guaranteed. Locksmiths are well-trained, efficient, and are ready to help Raleigh customers anytime

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How to Choose a Reputable Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged for a traffic violation or a less serious offense, you would want to seek a criminal defense attorney who can help you through the process. Not only are they well versed in the procedural aspects, but they are also knowledgeable about the whole issue. In picking and choosing a criminal defense lawyer in Jacksonville, here what you need to do:

Begin an Earnest Search

Start by having referrals from friends and family. Through their word of mouth, you are assured a good, tried-and-tested defense lawyer who has offered legal services sufficiently. Just make sure that the referral comes from someone you trust.

If that is not your thing, try for one online. You need to type in the Google search bar “criminal defense lawyers in Jacksonville” to narrow down the results. You also need to be wary of the ones you pick and avoid fixer-uppers or fraudulent ones.

The key is to have a keen eye and knowing what to ask them. The easiest way to assure that a lawyer is not deceitful or fraud is to ask for their bar license.

Make a Budget

Now, you need to put up a budget for the whole legal action. Ask yourself how much you are willing to pay for a lawyer and how much you are eager to spend in totality.

With a budget set in mind, you are sure to determine which lawyer best suits you. Note, however, that aside from the attorney’s fees, you would also have to pay for court hearings and contract draftings.

Focus on Reputation, Not on Costs

Other criminal defense lawyers would ask you for an expensive amount. Do not be fooled by the higher charges and fees, because this is the only factor definitive of their effectiveness and competence.

Focus on checking their reputation and their court win rate. This way, you can focus on what matters instead of focusing on what a lawyer or attorney set as a value for himself or herself.

In Light of Choosing

The main goal is for you to find an attorney that best suits your legal needs. The key to finding a good one is proper research, consideration, and planning. However, in the end, it all boils down to what you have set for yourself and the legal action you would take.


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What to Look For In A Foster Agency

The world of adoption and foster care is a special yet confusing one. While there are a lot of reasons why it is an exciting journey for you, you also need to adjust to the changes in your lifestyle and home, along with numerous decisions to make.

Looking For The Right Agency

It is essential to choose the right foster agency that will help and guide you on your journey to fostering. The agency you choose must be able to match your needs. One way to achieve this is to conduct your own research.

The following are a few factors to consider when looking for an agency:

  1. The Agency Should Support Your Motives

Before anything else, you should know your own reasons why you want to become a foster parent. What are your motives? After you evaluate your motives, select an agency that is supportive of your intentions.

It is vital to find a foster agency that supports your values and beliefs. For example, if you are planning to adopt a child from foster care, know how the agency can provide support in terms of the adoption process.

What kind of aftercare is given and how will your family benefit from it? On the other hand, if the motive you have is due to religious reasons and you have a strong faith, your agency that complements those values.

  1. The Agency Should Offer Licensing And Training Process

Usually, you will need to undergo pre-service foster training before you can become a parent to a foster child for a certain period of time. Find out how a potential agency does these kinds of things as not all agencies operate the same way.

Also, find out what additional training do you need to undergo after pre-service training. Know that you need to renew your license after a couple of years, requiring you to attend an updated home study. In that case, in what way could the agency support you on these trainings?

  1. How Effective Is Their Communication Style

It is important that the agency is willing to answer your questions about foster care. Are they genuinely listening to your questions and concerns? The bottom line is you want to know more about the agency as much as they want to know more about you.

If this is your first time to be a foster parent, you want to do this the right way. Make sure you choose the best foster agency for your family.







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3 Keys to International SEO Success

A Birmingham company can reach the other side of the world just by optimizing its web content. International 

seo birmingham plays a massive role in this rapid expansion. Here you’ll learn the fundamentals of international SEO and what makes it all the more important in this technology-driven world.

The Market Research and Analysis

International SEO is the process of optimizing your website to help search engines recognize your target country and draw traffic with a high potential to convert into income. Going global goes beyond translating your site. Before jumping into that decision, assess your readiness for that next big move by doing sufficient groundwork. Here are some of the questions to ask yourself before making that first step:

  • Are there potential markets to target?
  • Are you ready to support new customers from other regions using other languages?
  • Do you have resources to support this vision?

The Technical Aspect

If you can address all the questions above, then you can now proceed to the more technical aspect – which can make or break your international campaign.

Choosing the right domain and website structure are crucial in the success of your global campaign. Aside from the domain, here are some of the technical parts of an effective international SEO strategy.

  • Set up hreflangs to explicitly instruct Google or whatever search engine which language/country you want to target.
  • Analyze your backlink profile and collaborate with international website owners to build quality backlinks.
  • Do extensive keyword research to determine the efficacy of your keyword strategy.
  • Go beyond Google. Utilize other search engines – which may be overlooked by your competitors.

The Target Market

As in every business, your consumers are your key to success. Your website is your access to potential customers. Create an excellent user experience by:

  • Localizing your content. This goes beyond merely translating your website; localization should consider cultural differences, as well as language peculiarities.
  • Optimizing your content. Make sure that your keywords are correctly optimized to rank highly in searches.

Globalization has allowed businesses to expand anywhere in the world – even without a processing center or unit outside their headquarters. With the right international SEO strategy, the world is yours to take.

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