3 Steps To Take After A Workplace Injury With No Witness

Most of the time, when an employee is injured at the workplace, someone witnesses it and can support the incident in their testimonial. There will be an investigation, which includes checking the security cameras and talking to all witnesses. Your company will follow all possible leads to find out what really happened and who should take accountability.

But, what if you get injured and nobody sees it? Will you need to hire a personal injury attorney in Jacksonville if your work injury claims get denied? This can help you as these legal experts dedicate their time in protecting employees who have suffered from workplace injuries.

Follow these 3 critical steps after suffering a workplace accident to increase the chances of receiving workers’ compensation that you rightfully deserve, giving you peace of mind as well:

  1. Report the Incident  

At the earliest possible time, report your injury to a doctor and your employer. This is your way of showing that you are honest and open about the incident right from the start. It will also help validate your claim that the accident occurs at the place and time you indicate.

  1. Be Accurate and Detailed

It is important to report the workplace injury in details. Specifically, tell the time and place when the accident took place. It also helps if you describe the surroundings at that particular time.

While you provide a step-by-step narration as honestly as possible, make sure not to admit fault. Your personal injury attorney in Jacksonville will tell you that the law does not require you to accept responsibility for the incident.

  1. Talk to Your Doctor

The doctor needs you to be honest with them when explaining your symptoms brought about by your workplace accident. Do not attempt to exaggerate your story or mislead the medical professional.

Your doctor will put all the information you provide into record. In the event that your insurance will initially deny your claim for worker’s compensation, you can use the record as evidence.

Getting into an accident while at work is bad, but no one to witness is worse. This could make you apprehensive on how to deal with this situation. Talking to a personal injury attorney in Jacksonville can advise you on the best approach to take.