4 Common Road Signs You Should Know About

Do you know what every road sign mean by heart? If you’re a licensed driver, then you should. Road signs exist to guide you while driving. The signs are strategically located so drivers can properly see them and follow them. Do you know your road signs? If you need help with road signs and other driving practices, you can visit a driving school in Tampa, FL.


The signs and symbols provide instant communication with motorists. The colors of the road signs also indicate the information they contain.


Here are four common road signs you should know by heart.




One of the most common signs, the ‘stop’ road sign should be followed at all times. Stop doesn’t mean slowing down, the vehicle must come to a full stop and check for other vehicles and pedestrians in the vicinity.


Speed Limit Sign


Traffic speed on roads and highways is regulated by using speed limit signs which are posted at intervals along with them. The speed limit sign is used to alert the drivers to the maximum safe driving speed. Always remember that the posted speed limit is not a suggestion, it is the law.


Destination Distance


If you’re unfamiliar with the area, then destination distance signs are your friends. These signs provide the city name and your distance from the city. They are usually located before intersections to help motorists decide which way to go at the intersection.




If you drive regularly, then you should already be familiar with the yield sign. A yield sign means you do not have the right of way. You must be prepared to stop to let a driver from another way proceed. You should drive with caution whenever you encounter the yield sign.


These are just four of the many signs you encounter when you drive. As a driver, you should understand what the road signs mean so you can take the correct course of action.


The road signs are categorized to regulatory, warning, guide, services, construction, recreation, school zone, and incident management. To learn more about the rest of the road signs and road safety practices, visit a driving school in Tampa, FL.