4 Historic Places in the United States

The United States has been through a lot of historical events, and as such, is chock-full to the brim with cultural places to visit. And although their history is rather short as compared to the likes of China and England, there are plenty of places in America where history buffs can get their fill. So make sure to prepare your ESTA visa and visit these historic American landmarks.


Independence Hall


The Independence Hall in Philadelphia is where America declared independence from Britain in 1776. It is one of the most important historical symbols in the United States. The hall is a part of the whole Independence National Historical Park housing other landmarks such as the Liberty Bell Center and the Congress Hall. Tourists can choose from a myriad of indoor and outdoor activities, including a ranger-guided walking tour.


Gettysburg Battlefield


The Battle of Gettysburg lasted three days, and took over 51,000 casualties, and marked a turning point in history as the start of the surrender of the Confederacy. The Gettysburg National Military Park has over a thousand markers and memorials for the historic event.


Tourists in the park can follow the route of the battle, experience their guided tours and exhibitions, as well as other crucial civil war information.


Martin Luther King Jr. National Site


This site it Atlanta, Georgia commemorates the life of the famous African-American civil rights and racial equality advocate. Visitors to this site can visit his crypt, witness exhibitions and films about his life, and view his birthplace. There are also set-ups relating to Gandhi, who was Dr. King’s inspiration.


Statue Of Liberty


Standing tall at almost 100 meters, this iconic steel and copper statue stands guard at the entrance to the New York Harbor. Built-in France in 1884, France gifted the statue to the United States in celebrating the two countries’ alliance during the American Revolution.


There are numerous things to do both inside and outside Lady Liberty. There are tours, films, and other events aimed at promoting the heritage and culture of the statue.


An ESTA visa is required to enter the United States, but upon securing one, then you are free to visit these historical places. Take in the sights they offer and the culture they impart as they bridge together past and present.