4 Signs You Need a Criminal Attorney in Jacksonville, FL

Unless you have the necessary legal training and experience, the criminal justice system can be quite challenging to navigate. Here are the top 4 signs that you should hire the best criminal attorney in Jacksonville, FL, the moment you are faced with criminal charges.



  • You Need Legal Knowledge from an Expert

    Most people believe they can look everything up over the internet, including state laws and penalties. While you may find some relevant information about a crime via Google, it’s still not enough to serve as a substitute for a piece of knowledgeable advice from an experienced lawyer. If you don’t have any legal background or experience, you probably want to consult with an attorney as soon as possible.




  • You’re Emotional About the Charges Against You

    When you’re under emotional pressure, chances are you won’t be able to think and act rationally. The mere fact that you could be put into jail any time or be charged with a hefty fine is enough to destabilize you emotionally. You aren’t sure what to expect in court, how the judge will make his ruling, and lastly, what your corresponding punishment will be if you’re ruled guilty.

    It is also the same reason why lawyers generally do not represent themselves in court. The emotional distress and lack of objectivity can cost you the case. That is why working with a lawyer who can apply knowledge, logic, and experience to your defense is the best decision you’ll ever make.




  • It’s Your First Criminal Charge

    The criminal court system can be harsh on first-time offenders in an attempt to avoid future criminal behavior. Accidents happen, and your actions in committing the crime may not be intentional on your part. For that instance, you need the court to look at your case past the circumstances and consider the motive instead. It’s best to have a competent lawyer who will prepare a good defense and help deliver your true intentions to the court.




  • Your Case Induces Community Pressure

    Particular criminal cases go against society’s values, which may evoke sour reactions from the public. For such instances, the court will be under immense pressure to carry on a conviction. Be sure that you seek help from a lawyer who knows very well the politics and community pressures that could possibly affect the result of the case.



To make it simple, you need the help of a skilled criminal attorney in Jacksonville, FL to protect yourself once you’re faced with criminal charges. It’s smart that you understand your rights and be able to defend yourself with the help of an experienced lawyer.