4 Things to Consider When Buying Label Printers in the UK

label printers ukThere such a vast assortment of label printers that it feels overwhelming to the uninformed. Whether planning to print monochrome or variable colors, Label printers UK must carefully select their equipment. Here are four essential things to consider when planning to purchase label printers in the UK.


  1.   The Most Obvious Thing is Cost


The cost here refers not only to the initial outlay of capital for the equipment itself. Each print carries with it a corresponding charge per unit. Just because one label printer model is half the cost of another does not mean it is the cheaper alternative. A proper cost-benefit analysis comes a long way in choosing your label printer and its cost-effectivity.


  1.   The Output’s Durability Matters


Think about where your labels and their containers will be stored. If they are kept in wet places such as freezers and showers, then they will need durable and not-so-easily erasable labels. Most printers nowadays use laser technology, and tags printed with it will withstand the test of time.


  1.   Think About How Many You Need to Print


Take into consideration your printing volume. You can use small desktop printers for low-volume projects, while mid-range projects of 1000+ labels utilize heftier machines. Larger projects needing over thousands of labels need industrial-grade label printers for continuous production and output.


More things to note are the speed of printing. You would not want to take 6 hours just for 500 labels when another printer does the same volume in half the time and without sacrificing quality.


  1.   Ask Yourself If the Printer Fits


‘Fit’ in this context refers to two things: label size and space. Make sure the label printer will fit on the area you want and fit the label size you need. Many printers are compact, but can only 2-inch wide labels. Larger labels need larger printers and thus larger spaces. Know your target size to know your target printer.


Selecting the proper printer from the numerous ones out there can be complicated. Label printers UK have it rough, having to choose from a dizzying assortment. Knowing your requirements will narrow down your choices, making it easier to find the optimal match.