4 Types of Disorders That Acupuncture Can Remedy

Acupuncture is one of the best treatments for injuries and disorders of athletes. If you have disorders, you need an expert in acupuncture Syracuse, NY can offer you. The acupuncture treatments are meant to stop the pain, improve athletic performance, recover speed, and increase the range of motion. Here are four types of disorders that you can fix with acupuncture.

Foot Disorders

For foot disorders, the Achilles tendon is usually the part where acupuncture points are located. The Genping point at the same level as the heel is typically the point of treatment for problems associated with the Achilles tendon. This is useful for infantile paralysis disorders. Quanshengzu is another acupuncture point considered as a treatment point for spasms, lower back pain, and brain diseases. Nuxi is another point of treatment, and this is intended for mental illness and gum problems.

Knee Disorders

Specific acupuncture points are beneficial for the treatment of many knee disorders. These disorders include meniscus disorders and arthritis. In this case, you’ll be needing specific treatment points like the Xiyan, Heding, and Xixia. These points of treatment can help cure sprains, strains, and tears. You can discover these when you decide to visit the best experts in acupuncture Syracuse, NY recommends to you.

Lower Back Pain

If you’re suffering from lower back pain, then you can have this treated using specific acupuncture points. One of the treatment points required here is the Shiqizhuixia, which you can find on the midline of your back. This is important for treating not only lower back pain but also dysmenorrhea, menstruation, and lower extremity paralysis. The Baohuang treatment point is found in the lower midline part of the back. This is crucial for the treatment of injuries related to the lumbar region and the urinary system.

Ankle Disorders

Specific treatment points in acupuncture are also essential in the treatment of many ankle disorders. The treatment points for ankle sprains and strains are located in the areas of the ankle. The Taixi, Quixu, Chongyang, and Kunlun treatment points are important points of treatment for pathological conditions of ankles.

Some Final Words

Your health is the most important thing. If there is another way to manage disorders other than traditional operations, then that could be acupuncture. Don’t wait till your back or ankle gets worse. If you’re suffering from an injury, you should seek help from the best experts of acupuncture Syracuse NY wants to recommend to you. Check out https://acupuncturesyracuse.com/ and see for yourself how acupuncture can help you.