A Quick Guide to Light Installation

Many people don’t know how to install light fixtures because they lack training in that. But hiring an electrician may cost a lot of money. If you want to install lights at minimal cost, you can follow this guide and do it yourself.

To Install or Not to Install

One problem is that installing the light might demand more skills than you have. So for that, you would need an electrician Dallas. But if there is already light in that spot, it will be easier for newbies because it will require less work.

On or Off?

It is important to make sure you have switched off the power to space where you will install lights. That’s because of the risk of electric shock. Look for the electrical panel in your home and scan for the right switch. You flip that switch and then safely go about installing the light.

Understanding The Canopy and Wiring

You need to remove the canopy that is fixed to your ceiling so that you can get to the wiring. The wiring itself should be easy to pull out once the canopy is removed. Notice the colors of each of the wiring. You should find the same colors of wires in your light fixture, as well as the correct number of wires. Make sure to connect the right color with the correct wire. For example, if one black wire is within the canopy then you link that to the black wire within your light fixture. Do not mix wires of different colors.

Ask for Help

One common problem with do-it-yourself projects is that the person doing it will attempt to do everything by himself. But for installing a light fixture you will need someone to hold it for you. Then you can affix the canopy and easily screw in the light fixture.

Some light fixtures may be harder to install than others. So it pays to read the manual that comes with your light fixture. This is especially true if the light fixture was made then bought in a foreign country. If the work seems to be a level higher than what you’re comfortable with, then try to hire an electrician Dallas instead.