Things You Should Do To Keep Yourself Motivated Continually

self motivationSetting goals and jotting down what you want to achieve is easy. The real challenge you’ll face is how to sustain self-motivation. Here are simple things you can do to keep going until you reach that goal!


Remind Yourself From Time To Time


You tend to forget the main reason why you want something in the first place. You need constant reminders here and there. For example, you can do this by simply writing on a piece of paper and stick it in places you frequently see or typing it on your phone and setting the alarm. Instead of writing down abstract goals (“get healthy,” “lose weight,” etc.), go for attainable, concrete ones like “take the stairs every day” or “stay away from processed foods.” It’s more accessible and more practical for first-timers.


List Down Things That Make You Happy


It might seem a bit far off, but give it a chance. If you’re having a hard time thinking about a goal as of now, list down all the things or occasions that made you happy at one point. Eventually, you’ll see a pattern, and you can start from there. For instance, you remember visiting the orphanage, and it brought immense joy or that time you helped someone out when they needed financial aid. List these down and read it when you can. Not only does it give a possible path, but it’ll also keep you in a positive mood the whole day.


Don’t Be Afraid To Start Small


Most goals are left unmet because of the immediate need to achieve something big or something noticeable. The key is not to be afraid to start small. Do you want to be able to read three books in a week? Start little by pushing yourself to read short stories online. Or you could read a specific number of pages (maybe 2 to 3 per day) until you’re ready to learn more and slowly watch yourself improve.


Face Your Alibis And Ignore Them


Alibis are always the reason your goals fail. It can range from “I have something more important to do” to “I’ll do it next time, for sure.” Once you give in, there’s no turning back. You might eventually stop. The best trick is to face these alibis and confront yourself with facts; facts that will state the real outcome of where these alibis will take you.


Make A Playlist


Music always speaks to the soul, and everyone knows that. It is the therapy you need when you’re feeling different emotions, or when you’re going through a rough time. But music also helps jumpstart your mood because of the beat, the rhythm, and the lyrics. Lucky for you playlists are a common thing nowadays, and you can compile all the songs that make you happy in one set.


Your efforts to improve self motivation will work wonders and show a lot of changes. So why don’t you start now and live a satisfied, happy life?