What to Do Before Leaving Your Old House

moving company richmond vaLeaving your old home can be emotional. Before you set out to your new residence, do remember this list to make your transition hassle-free. You can also contact moving company Richmond VA to help you with your needs.


Have an Inventory


Prepare an inventory for all the things inside the house. This includes all the items movable or immovable. Once you have an inventory, decide what to bring or leave. It’s up to you to consider what items to choose or just bring everything with you. Your inventory list will help you organize your move and avoid leaving stuff out that’s important to you.


Box and Tags


Once you are done with your inventory, consider the things that you want to carry. Boxing your stuff would be the safest way to go. Once you have chosen which items to box, schedule your packaging.


Ideally, packaging should be done by room to make it more organized and do not miss out any items. This might take days or weeks depending on the items to be packaged and the size of your house. Start with your room with the least essential items of everyday use. Pack the most important things a day before you leave as to not forget about it. In packing stuff, you can use old clothes as padding for your items.


Your inventory and packaging would be useless if there are no tags included. Tagging is easy. You can just write the name and owner of the items using a marker. You can also try to color code your items as per your discretion. If you have a lot to move, then color coding would be perfect for that fast and easy transition.


Prepare Pertinent Documents


Before moving out, make sure you leave prepared with your paper works. This would include truck reservations, hotel reservations, veterinary papers for your pets (if you have one), and contact information of all the important people to contact (truck company, real estate agent, lawyer).


Have an Emergency Suitcase


Prepare a suitcase for each of your family members. Include basic toiletries, at least two sets of clothes, bath towels, and underwear. It is not advisable to mix this suitcase in the truck so make sure to bring it with you in your car.


Consult a Moving Expert


Moving out is not easy, especially if you have a lot of items to move. There are dedicated companies you might want to consult before that big day. You can have certain arrangements and deals. If you are in Virginia, you can consider the moving company Richmond VA. Professional and hassle-free, make your move an easy one.